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Simple Web Analytics

Web Analytics made simple and therefore privacy friendly.

✓ Free

Technical design choices allow serving many users with little hosting costs.

✓ Open Source

The source code is published under the AGPL-v3 licence.

✓ Privacy Friendly

No cookies. No logging or hashing IP addresses.

Counts unique visits

All metrics are based on visits, which is a browser session at a given day. For example: if the same user visited your site yesteday and today, that is counted as two visits.

Traffic sources

You can see which other websites link to you and how many users got to your site via external links. This can be viewed as an overview and in detail.

Geographical locations

There's a map and a list view with the geographical location of visitors.

The friendly alternative

You don't have to choose between free or privacy friendy. We offer a free and privacy friendly analytics service for everyone.

Open Source

View project


One screen

No menus

Down to earth

Charts you understand

Export to CSV

Pay what you want

We still do encourage users with commercial projects to pay for this product.

The amount could be comparable with what similiar services charge.


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